Secret Origins: The Story of DC Comics

by Peter

Right off the bat, this documentary is something I’ve been wanting to see for months now but have been unable to find in stores for some reason. So when it came in Netflix, I watched it in the same day. At an hour and a half in length, Secret Origins covers the entire history of DC comics from the creation of Superman and Batman till today. I was honestly quite suprised and happy with how the documentary presents over 75 years of history.


While it obviously focuses on the Big 3 of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman heavily, other characters and the creative teams behind them are always focused on as well. Siegel and Schuster, The Flash, Bob Kane, Swamp Thing, Alan Moore, Vertigo Comics, Julius Schwartz, Milestone Media, & Neil Gaiman are just some of the topics that the documentary spends time discussing. Whether using images from many of the classic comics or stock footage from the Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman TV shows, Secret Origins is filled with amazing imagery and stories told by the people who lived them.

I’m picking when it comes to documentaries, and at times I had my doubts that this might just retell information I’d already seen in all the different special features from movies and cartoon dvds. But some of the “major” topics you already know about are seemingly passed over. Whether it be Bane breaking Batman’s back, Crisis on Infinite Earths or even the Death of Superman, all this information has been covered so many times in mini documentaries done by DC I was happy they decided to use their time wisely and talk about things that haven’t been given the chance to be shared in video. When it was originally advertised, Secret Origins was supposed to included Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam as a special feature, but apparently DC opted to instead release this seperately with 3 other animated shorts in a Showcase style DVD, so I’m a bit disappointed in the lack of any special features (save subtitles, but thats not really special features.) If you’re a diehard DC fan like me, you’ll enjoy the documentary though you may want to either get it through netflix or find it used somewhere, as the over $20 price tag for a 90 minute documentary is a tad steep.

PETER loves DC comics and owns almost all of the animated movies/tv shows. He loves special features and is always sad when a DC animated movie comes out without an audio commentary. He could listen to Bruce Timm talk all day, and he has before.

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