Star Wars Episode VII in 2015 & More.

Along with yesterday’s news that George Lucas had sold off Lucasfilm for a cool 4 BILLION dollars to the Walt Disney Company, there was also news that we should expect episode VII of the Star Wars franchise in 2015 with more films to follow every few years. Yep, you read that right. Like the prequels, die hard fans have all known for years that George Lucas had outlined another trilogy, but he has always said he never wanted to do it. For the past few years, Lucas has slowly passed off responsibility and leadership of Lucasfilm to others, so it was no surprise to me when all the news came out yesterday.

Now, the distribution rights for the prior Star Wars films sticks with 20th Century Fox; meaning if there’s ever a HUGE master high definition collection of all 9 movies that Disney and Fox will have to come to some sort of agreement on it. In the meantime, big things are coming out for Star Wars fans. Are you ready to return to a Galaxy far, far away?

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