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BigDamnEats: Gamorrean Grilled Cheese

For this sandwich from a Galaxy Far, Far Away youll need the following: -Whole wheat bread -cheddar cheese -sliced ham -sandwich cut kosher pickles -butter or margarine (your preference) 1. Lightly spread the butter or margarine on the outside of…

BigDamnEats: Pie for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day Geeks! In honor of this wonderfully geeky day, I bring you a delicious pie recipe inspired by Pushing Daisies. I hope you all enjoy it! Spiced apple and pear pie with gruyere crust Dough Ingredients 2 1/2…

BigDamnEats: The Naked Drunk Hulk

In honor of the Twitter legend @DrunkHulk, we created an amazing concoction that will get you drunk, give you energy, and probably make you rip some clothing and smash something in the process!