Ten Things NOT to do at Comic-Con When You’re a Mom

This year a dream of mine finally came true; I was able to attend the San Diego Comic-Con. I brought my two girls with me and learned a LOT about the Do’s and Don’ts of Comic-Con when you’re a Mom. Here’s my list of the Top Ten Things NOT to Do:

10. Do not have a baby 3 months before Comic-Con

Your body changes so much during and after pregnancy that the cute cosplay outfit you had in mind just won’t hug you in all the right places (and if it does, it’s not a pretty sight!). Three months is also not enough time to make anything as elaborate as some of the outfits I saw this year. Unless you’re extremely talented, and in that case, I’m just jealous!

9. Do not attempt to wear something even remotely cute

You will end up either holding one of your kids the entire day, (making any outfit choice pointless as no one will see it anyway) or you’ll get bathed in various bodily fluids (babies are especially good at this).

8. Do not over (or under) pack

The last thing you want to do is bring an already heavy bag INTO Comic-Con when you know that you will be taking a bag twice as heavy OUT of Comic-Con after all the shopping you do. That baby bag packed with diapers, wipes, extra changes of clothes, snacks and drinks is going to weigh you down so be sure to plan accordingly.

7. Do not set a budget

I try to be a financially savvy individual and I run the household budget down to the cent. But budgeting for Comic-Con is just pointless. With all those SDCC Exclusives and the last-minute impulse buys (Sundays are the WORST day for this!), you will blow past any spending limit you set. (Especially when your kid decides she is hungry just as you’re finishing the last Z-Bar that you packed even though you asked her 5 minutes ago if she wanted a snack). Food and drinks are wicked expensive there; $5 for a pretzel dog?! Comic-Con vendors, you kill me.

6. Do not get there less than 2 hours before any panel you want to see, especially if it is in Hall H

This was my first Comic-Con, so honestly I had NO clue what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to see the Big Bang Theory panel and since my 6 year old loves the show as well I knew she’d sit through it without a fuss. What I didn’t know was that people started lining up for this panel at 3 in the morning AND they don’t clear everyone out of the halls between panels. Once you’re in, you can sit on your little behind all day waiting for the one panel you want to see. When we finally got off the bus and across the bridge it was very apparent that there was no way we would be getting in.

5. Do not expect anyone to respect your “bubble”

I’m a very particular, OCD person and I really, really like my personal space. However, everyone at Comic-Con is in their own little world, mesmerized by the Kingdom of Geekiness laid out just for them. They do not care that you are 5-foot-nothing with a baby strapped to your chest trying to find the Laurell K. Hamilton booth so you can get an autographed copy of the Anita Blake comic book. I cannot tell you how many times I got bumped, tripped or stepped on during my time there.

4. Do not send your 6-year-old running after the Power Rangers when there’s a Teen Wolf signing taking place

You will lose sight of her, you will freak out and you will look like an idiot having a panic attack while attempting to run after her with the baby in her stroller.

3. Do not bring a stroller

There are TOO MANY people there for you to bring a stroller. Comic-Con is like Disney on crack. It is packed, all day, every day of the convention. I brought the stroller on Friday and bruised many ankles I’m sure.

2. Do not go alone

Unfortunately Comic-Con landed right in the middle of my husband’s deployment and I had no choice but to go alone this year. If my 6 year old wasn’t whining about her feet hurting from all the walking, my 3 month old was fussing because she wanted to be held. There is just too much going on and way too many people around to try and take care of the kids by yourself while attempting to enjoy what Comic-Con has to offer.

1. Do not expect anything to go as planned

You’ve got kids with you. ‘Nuff said.

Even with all the mistakes I made this year, I can’t wait for next year’s Comic-Con! Hope to see some of you there!

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