The Dark Knight Rises. Again.



Last night I saw the Dark Knight Rises again and have to admit I’m not sure how I felt about it the second time around. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight both are great because you can watch them multiple times and still really enjoy them but I’m not exactly sure if that carries over into the finale as well. I still enjoyed it for the most part, but a lot of the thrills were gone since I knew all the shock moments. The action of the finale didn’t even really get me excited as there really wasn’t any brilliant fight scenes or anything like that. The Bat out running heat sinking missles wasn’t that big of a deal compared to the epic chase from The Dark Knight or even the train fight in Batman Begins.

Even the atmosphere of the theater had changed. My first viewing was in a Regal theater in opening weekend and I was taken back by how empty it was after the Colorado shootings. This time was in a larger Muvico theater to an almost packed house, weeks later. The crowd buzzed with excitement over it and there was even a guy behind us who belted out an almost Episode 3 Darth Vader like “NOOOOOO!” during the Miranda Tate/Talia Al Ghul reveal. However, I’d learned Muvico know had assigned seating that you picked when you bought your ticket. No more rushing to get concessions and a seat, you’re seat was already there and saved. However, this took some of that classic fun out of it. Who needed to get there early? Our seats were waiting! Maybe that’s just me being over dramatic though.

Really, what become my favorite part of it the second time around was the first time Bruce comes back out as Batman. There’s still a feeling of excitement you get from the lights dimming, the sound of the Bat Pod moving and then seeing the reveal of Batman tearing down the streets. As a fan I took the role of that older cop who’s in the car with the rookie, telling him “you’re in for a show tonight!” I got excited just to see Batman whoopin’ ass and taking names. His out running the cops and taking down Bane’s thugs on the motorcycles was, for me, the most exciting part of the movie now. Will this continue when Dark Knight Rises hits DVD and Blu Ray later this year? We’ll see, maybe watching them all back to back will help.

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