The Hardy Boys Come Crashing Down

We live in an era as pro wrestling fans where much of what goes on behind the scenes is common knowledge. We know it’s scripted, a lot of the competitors are good friends, but we also know the risks they take are real. Injuries are suffered and these guys spend over 200 days a year on the road away from friends and family. It HAS to take it’s toll on an individual physically, mentally and emotionally. Matt and Jeff Hardy seem to have taken it harder than anyone else. For the past several years we’ve seen them struggle with drugs and finding their place on the ladder of Pro Wrestling. Everytime they seem to get into a good position, something happens to screw it up. As fans we’ve seen Jeff and Matt do some death defying and innovative things in the ring. But this past year has seen Jeff Hardy buried in a main event by Sting at Victory Road in March, Jeff apparently was high on pills during the match which is evident in the video below.


Back in January, Matt Hardy made his debut in TNA (now known as IMPACT) pro wrestling. ¬†After several high profile matches with Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson and reuniting with his brother Jeff, in August 2011 Matt was arrested for DWI after crashing his car into a tree. After already having several “no-shows” at Impact events, the organization left Matt go. Four days after being released from the hospital he collapsed in his home. On August 30, a youtube video surfaced of Matt apparently leaving a video suicide note. After several 911 calls the police determined Matt was not attempting suicide and it was all a hoax. The hoax drew heavy criticism from fans and the wrestling community alike. Jim “JR” Ross called the stunt “totally embarrassing and inexplicable…” and asked her to seek answers. Matt claimed the video was one last attention grabber and that Matt Hardy had “refound his true self.”

Also at the end of August while Matt was finding his true self again, brother Jeff made his return to IMPACT wrestling and asked the fans for one more shot only five days after Matt was released from the company.



On September 12, Matt was arrested for DWI again.

In what finally may be a step in the right direction for the once promising brothers, Matt announced on September 19 he would be checking into a WWE sponsored rehab center for at least 3 months. ¬†Along with Jeff seemingly “coming clean” with the fans and Matt checking into Rehab, could 2012 be a resurgence in the Hardys popularity and quality of matches? I hope so. Some of my favorite matches have included these two wrestlers and I hope to see many more. I’m sure a lot of other wrestling fans feel the same way. So fingers crossed that the brothers have cleaned up and are getting healthy and in the right mind set again!

PETER always loved TLC 2 at Wrestlemania and remembers it fondly along with many of the early ladder matches between the Hardys, Edge & Chrisitian & and the Dudley Boyz. Get better Matt & Jeff. We want more matches like those.

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