The Retirement of WWE Superstar EDGE

Edge after his final match at Wrestlemania 27





Whether he be a face or a heel, as a single superstar or as part of a tag team with his life long friend Christian, Edge has been one of the premiere superstars in the WWE for 13 years since his debut in 1998. He has won over 31 championships in his career, more than any other superstar, including 11 World Championships (4 WWE and a record of 7 World Heavyweight Championships), he is a 5 time Intercontinental champion, a 14 time Tag Team Champion (2 time WWE Tag Team Champion and a record 14 time World Tag Team Champion), he’s won the King of the Ring Tournament, the Royal Rumble and is a two time Mr. Money In the Bank. Among those, he also held numerous now-defunct titles during the WWE acquisition of WCW.

Edge & Christian after one of their many Tag Team Title wins

Whether he was a wanna be vampire in the Brood, part of one of the best tag teams in history with Christian, or the Rated-R superstar, Edge has dominated the competition and entertained fans across the world. Any wrestling fan would tell you that the loss of Edge will be a tremendous loss to the company, the sport and the fans. Around 8 years ago, Edge had broken his neck and after a spinal fusion surgery eventually made it back to competing in the squared circle. As Edge puts it in his retirement speech, he knew he was wrestling on borrowed time. Recently he’s begun losing feeling in his arms and hands and has been told by doctors he will never be cleared to compete again. He was also told, that by catching this now, he’s keeping himself out of a wheelchair.

What most people don’t realize is while Edge’s in-ring career may be over, it doesn’t mean Edge will be gone from wrestling forever. As one of the best talkers on the microphone, Edge could contribute as a manager, commentator, or on-air personality like say…an Anonymous RAW GM? But the bottom line being, Edge will more than likely return in some fashion to the WWE screen.

Edge is a future hall of famer, there’s no doubt about it. With what will turn out to be one of the most talked about careers in Pro Wrestling, only time will tell when Edge pops up again, reeking of awesomeness for the benefit of those with flash photography!

PETER is what’s known as a “mark” wrestling fan. Edge (& Christian) are two of his favorite wrestlers ever, and have competed in some of his favorite matches he’s ever seen. If Edge retiring winds up being a “work” or an angle for TV, he’s gonna be hella pissed he wrote this article.

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