The Undertaker & The Streak

by Peter

When it comes to Pro Wrestling, few names are are more synonomous with the business than the Undertaker. He stands 6’10” tall and weights close to 300lbs. He first appeared in the WWE (then the WWF) at Survivor Series in November 1990 and at Wrestlemania in 1991, he has so far remained undefeated at the Super Bowl of Pro Wrestling. Whether he’s the Phenom, The Deadman or the American Badass he has yet to bow before any competitor on the grandest stage of them all. Though as I look back I come to realize that while his streak now extends to 18-0 that some of Undertakers Wrestlemania wins arent quite as glorious as some fans would remember. (And yes, I said 18. only seems to count Michaels once and has it listed as 17-0 on his superstar page.)

Taker’s first win that started to streak came in 1991 when he tombstoned “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka on his coconut of a head and followed it up in 92 with a win of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who even in the early 90’s wasn’t as big of a star as he’d been in the 80s. It was in 1993, during the height of WWE’s gimmick era, that the Undertaker would face off against Giant Gonzalez in what so far is the ONLY time the Undertaker has won by Disqualification at Wrestlemania and may in fact be one of his most easily forgettable bouts related to the Streak.


Since then the Undertaker has taken on names like Diesel (Kevin Nash), Psycho Sid, Kane (twice), Shawn Michaels (twice, and he retired HBK last year), Edge and Randy Orton. Over the past couple of years, Undertakers matches have often been show stealers. In my opinion, his first bouth with Michaels was the show stealer in 2009. It’s gotten to be that if the Streak were to ever end, I can only see it ever being ended by someone that The Undertaker would feel worthy to pass the torch on to. Which is one of the main reasons why I’m predicting another Wrestlemania win for Taker over Triple H at tonights Wrestlemania.

The two men have met before at Wrestlemania X-Seven, the WWE’s fancy attitude era way of saying 17, which still remains one of my favorite events in Wrestlemania history. Triple H would be ushered in with a live performance by Motorhead and the Deadman would cut loose on his bike and hauled ass towards the ring. Between referee Mike Chioda getting knocked down twice, Triple H being put through the Spanish Announce Table (the 2nd time it was destroyed that night) and the eventual Last Ride to end it, this match also has a weird reputation in the streak, as at the time Vince McMahon claimed the match never happened, leaving it out of Undertakers streak.

In today’s WWE, both men have a huge amount of pull in their corner. Undertaker is the biggest veteran that the WWE has and certainly has his opinions listened to but Triple H is no rookie himself, not to mention the boss’ son-in-law. Triple H has been pulling strings behind the scenes for years now, which some people blame for the departure of several superstars over time, including Booker T though he has recently returned. Would a Triple H win tonight shock me? To a point yes, but it wouldn’t be a huge surprise. I’m still very much expecting the Streak to remain intact. Taker has always been a “passing of the torch” kind of guy the past few years, if the streak were to ever end, I see it happening to someone new that Taker expects to carry his weight when he leaves.

Peter plans to mark out with his buddies tonight while watching Wrestlemania. There will probably be lots of yelling at the TV, drinking and shouting of catchphrases. If Ya Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaow! WHAT THE ROCK….*head tilt, dramatic pause, eyebrow lift* IS COOKING…

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