The World’s End


Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Co. do it again with the World’s End, a sci-fi comedy film that like so many of their other projects have a real heart behind the laughs and blood (err, ink). Simon Pegg is Gary King, a wayward man who never grew out of his High School rebellious/party hard phase and now has convinced his 4 best friends to return to their hometown of Newton Haven for an epic pub crawl with the 12th and final stop being The World’s End. Rumor has it that The World’s End could have possibly been Shaun of the Dead 2, but Wright and Pegg quickly nixed the idea after short, yet enthusiastic discussion of the idea. It then became a story of a group of teenagers on a pub crawl before Wright realized a story of adults returning home could show “the bittersweet feeling of returning to your home town and feeling like a stranger”

The great thing about the World’s End is the simple fact that by the time all the sci-fi hijinks begin most viewers have almost forgotten that it’s a sci-fi film! Pegg, Frost, Freeman and the rest of the cast bring such real performances to the film you really are watching a film about 5 friends who have lost touch and are not the same people they once were. The interactions, arguments, catching up and revisiting their childhood home is something any grown adult can relate to. Seeing how friends and places change and finding that one person or two who is still fighting that change. When the sci-fi Robots show up, our crew of old friends are forced to continue their pub crawl in hopes of not drawing attention to themselves, but often are met with utter failure thanks to their growing inebriation.


The robot graphics are incredible and it doesn’t seem fake at all to see a woman with legs where her arms should be, spinning them like a windmill as she goes on the attack. The same can be said for seeing headless hoodies still attacking the gang in a men’s room as blue ink seeps from their necks. The graphics are really great, but never take away from the story of Gary King and his friends rekindling their friendship as they attempt to survive and reach The World’s End. Calling this the end of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy that started with Shaun of the Dead in 2004 and followed by Hot Fuzz in 2007. I doubt this will be the end of the friends collaborating with each other, but only time will tell to what extent.

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