Top 5 Characters We Want To See In The Justice League Movie


According to rumor these five heroes will be the main characters in the forthcoming Justice League film. A smaller sized team sounds good to me as it’ll allow the heroes to all have more screen time without say The Flash being buried in the background. Rumor also says that the Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and Hawkman may all have cameos or even smaller secondary roles. With these characters in mind I’m here to pick my top five heroes I’d like to see in some capacity in the Justice League movie.


5. The Teen Titans

I imagine the Titans appearing in a quick scene of cameos. One of the rumors currently circulating the web is that the Justice League movie will feature the villain despot Darkseid, an intergalactic monarch of the evil planet Apokolips. Maybe when Earth is being over run by Darkseid’s forces we’ll see the “sidekicks” Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Kid Flash and more defending the world while the League takes on the big guns. In my head it kind of plays out like the end of Episode III of Star Wars where you see all the various Jedi in battle (or getting annihilated really) by the Clone Army. (Oops, Spoilers? Ah, who am I kidding, it’s been forever.) A cameo of the teenage heroes would be an easy in to lead to a Titans film series as well.


4. Mister Miracle and Big Barda

The runaway lovers of New Genesis and Apokolips would be a great team to see involved. While not members of this incarnation of the League, they could certainly lend a hand against Darkseid as they are both all too familiar with his forces and his ways.


3. Cyborg

Being one of the newest members of the Justice League with last years Reboot of the entire comic line it seems only fitting that Cyborg would be involved in one way or another. A former member of the Teen Titans, technical genius and a physical power house, Cyborg could be a different look at the League then we’re used to. Not to mention he would add some diversity to the all white people line up that most people are familiar with.


2. Oracle (Barbara Gordon)

I think it’d be awesome to see the Oracle version of Barbara Gordon on the big screen as the information/communication hub for the League. It would add a much needed woman to the ranks besides Wonder Woman without putting another character out into the action. ┬áIf Martian Manhunter is indeed a secondary character or a cameo, the League would indeed need a way to communicate without his telepathic link and I think this would be a great way to do it.


1. The Atom (Ray Palmer)

With so many big players on the League already it seems only natural that a…smaller character gets added to the team. As Marvel looks to include Ant-Man into it’s Avengers ranks it seems only right that DC counters and add The Atom to their own ranks. A scientist whose belt allows him to shrink literally to the size of an Atom, Palmer could be invaluable to the team as they face off against the giant ranks and scientifically advanced forces of Darkseid.

What characters do YOU want to see in a Justice League movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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