Top 5 Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters

In another of our Top 5 picks, this time to go along with our reviews of Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu Ray we’re bringing you our top 5 Expanded Universe characters. These ¬†are characters not featured in the six main films or the current Clone Wars TV series that we’d like to see more of or who stand out in our memory! They come from comics, books, and video games that helped shape the Star Wars Universe as a whole! So let’s get started with Number 5!


5. DELTA SQUAD (Star Wars: Republic Commando for XBox/XBox 360)

The Deltas were a great team that presented the Clones in a new light other than the faceless replicas of Janga Fett that would eventually kill off the Jedi. Each of the 4 squad members were unique individuals with their own personalities that developed based on their own experiences. Boss, Sev, Fixer and Scorch each had their own unique talents with Boss being squad leader, Sev the Sniper, Fixer the hacker and Scorch the demolitions expert. The game allowed you to see that while these men would go on to be the killers we know from the films, there was a lot more to them than met the eye.


4. The Solo Children: Jacen, Jaina, & Anakin

Though my experience with them is limited, even I know that the children of Han Solo & Princess Leia have become a HUGE part of the Star Wars novels. My first encounter with the kids was in the novel Star Wars: The Crystal Star when the kids are kidnapped and being held seemingly for ransom. They would go on to grow, evolve and become larger parts of the universe as they would become trained in the force by their Uncle Luke at his Jedi Academy.


3. STARKILLER/GALEN MAREK (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed & The Force Unleashed II video games)

Portrayed by actor Sam Witwer, Starkiller has become a character we want more of. The son of a Order 66 survivor, Galen would be discovered on Kashyyyk by Darth Vader and took him as his Secret Apprentice after Galen force pulled Vader’s lightsaber from his hand. After falling in love with his pilot, Juno Eclipse, and being betrayed by Vader himself, Starkiller would go on to fight for the formation of the Rebel Alliance. Though the games feature light and dark side ending, Starkiller is a hero who redeems himself from the dark side and continues to fight Vader and his Empire. With the second game’s canonical ending seemingly left open ended, I eagerly await a third installment in what seems to be The Force Unleashed Trilogy.


2. DASH RENDAR (Star Force: Shadows of the Empire series)

Appearing in the series Shadows of the Empire, Dash Rendar was a hero for hire for the Rebel Alliance. Shadows of the Empire was a huge multimedia project that was released in 1996. Shadows would bridge the gap between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, following Dash through his adventures against the Empire and the smuggling lord Xizor, another character created specifically for the project. Dash was a lot like Han Solo, if Han didn’t care at all about anything or anyone. Working for the highest bidder saw Dash involved in the Battle of Hoth, fights with Boba Fett and IG-88, as well as his attempted rescue of Han from carbonite freeze. The story would end with Dash helping the Rebel alliance take out Prince Xizor’s Skyhook, a large base/weapon much like the Death Star. Dash would die in the battle, sacrificing himself so that Xizors terror would be brought to an end and his new friends could save Han from Jabba The Hutt. But did he really die? The game when beat on a certain difficulty would hint at Dash surviving, leaving the explosion just in the nick of time and deciding to “lay low.” The novel, comics and more would also state the same, though Dash has only made minor appearances in the SW Universe since, he is still one of the best known of all the Expanded Universe characters.


1. REVAN (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

In Knights of the Old Republic, you play as a unlikely Jedi who is set out to stop the forces of Darth Malak from taking over the universe with his seemingly unending supply of weapons and starships. Enough time has passed that I feel free to tell you the spoiler that, your unlikely Jedi character ends up being revealed as the former Dark Lord of the Sith, Revan, Malak’s old Master. Redeeming yourself, even without your old memories, Revan saves the galaxy and his friends from likely destruction. The game created such a lovable cast and played so well that it is often mentioned as one of the best Star Wars games of all time. Revan would often be mentioned through out the games sequel The Sith Lords, but other than a ghostly appearance he would not be seen again in video games. Revan has made appearances in other novels, and comics along with his own featured novel titled “Revan” that was recently released. Will we see more of the former Dark Lord? It looks as if with the recent release of the MMORPG The Old Republic, that Revan has returned! In what capacity? We’ll have to play to find out!


My list may not be perfect but a few honorable mentions go to Mara Jade who was an assassin for the Emperor that would rebel and become the Jedi wife of Luke Skywalker. Also an honorable mention goes to Kyle Katarn from the Dark Forces and Jedi Knight games, who has the distinct honor of being the character who steals the Death Star plans (I don’t care what other games or books say! He did it!)

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