TOP GEAR US picks up speed with Season 2!

Late last year I reviewed the beginning of the US version of TOP GEAR which you can read here. Since then the show has gone on to not only complete it’s first season, but with season two being about 6 episodes in it’s clear that Top Gear is picking up speed with its fan base! It took some time, like any other show, for hosts Adam, Tanner and Rutledge to find their niche with each other. As season two premiered I was surprised to find that the “classic” Top Gear intro had been done away with for a more Americanized version which isn’t a bad thing. The US Top Gear is out to prove that it isn’t a carbon copy of the original BBC version, but a show of it’s own. About midway through the first season was when you actually started to see the show start to find its own path with more original competitions and the hosts starting to really gel together.

One thing noticeable in season 2 is the lack of the Stig. While he has been around, after his initial sky diving intro with the season premiere he hasn’t been seen too often. Adam, Tanner and Rutledge really are the stars of the show that make you come back for more. Whether it be Tanner showing off his driving skills, Rutledge acting like an overgrown bearded 16 year old, or Adam destroying his car each member of the team brings something unique and different to the show much like Jeremy, James and Richard do on the original Top Gear. Even in the latest episode, Adam actually got through an entire challenge without completely destroying his car! The show is still finding it’s legs at times but it’s without a doubt that The History Channel’s Top Gear will be powering through and continuing to entertain fans. You don’t have to be a gear head or grease monkey to enjoy the non-stop comedy and ridiculous challenges the team go through so make sure to start tuning in on Sunday nights to the History Channel at 10pm EST!

Hosts: Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara & Rutledge Wood

Also make sure you follow Adam (@AdamFerrara), Tanner (@TannerFoust) Rutledge (@RutledgeWood) and The History Channel (@HistoryChannel) on twitter for more updates and smack talk between the hosts!


PETER is glad the new Top Gear has turned out to be really entertaining. To be honest, he sometimes enjoys it more than the original. He can’t pick a favorite host because Adam is too funny, Rutledge is too goofy and he keeps expecting Tanner to yell “AMERICA! AMERICA! AMERICA!” every time he does a burn out now.

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