TRON: Legacy

Over my holiday break, aKa the time I’ve been spending without my laptop since it was stolen, I finally had the chance to see Tron: Legacy. I’ve been anticipating this film since the first teaser trailers I saw and right off the bat I have to say I was NOT disappointed. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Tron was a Disney film from the 1980’s which pushed the boundaries of technology for that time and presented a story that many people just weren’t ready for. While it was a success at the box office and it would be a few years before Tron began to gain momentum as the cult classic it’s become known as today.

After years of rumors and seemingly renewed interest in the film, Tron: Legacy was born. A direct sequel to the original, Tron: Legacy is something that both fans of the first film and new followers alike can sit down and enjoy. You don’t need to have seen the original to understand what’s going on but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Though today it can be quite difficult to find a copy of Tron without coughing up some dough online, which is a major failure on Disneys part for not rereleasing the film prior to the sequel. The films story and visuals will keep you hooked through out the entire ride, which an excellent balance between story, drama, emotion and plenty of sci-fi action.

Of course, all films have their flaws. By the end of the movie, you get kind of tired of watching the charaters leap into the air in slow motion as the light cycles was one of my few problems. It was like Neo slowing down to do every little action in the Matrix. Sure the first two times it’s pretty cool, but after that? You’re just showing off now. My only other problem was with the digital “de-aging” of Jeff Bridges. The technology walks a fine line between being one of the best things since Pixar and between looking like it belongs on Tripping the Rift. (Too obscure of a reference? Look it up!) While the de-aging works for the CLU character in the grid, seeing Jeff Bridges in the “real world” is just creepy and weird. Doesn’t his son know his Dad looks plastic?

Though I won’t spoil it here, I will also say there are some real “Holy Sh-” moments, one in particular that will be even more poignant for fans of the first film. Not to mention the Daft Punk soundtrack which I must admit, adds that something extra to the film where it just wouldn’t be the same without it. In some cases, I think the soundtrack is actually becoming more popular than the film itself. Tron: Legacy has all it’s bases covered with a great cast, amazing soundtrack, breathtaking visuals, and a great story, I think this may be the best movie I have seen in 2011 so far! (Even if it’s the ONLY movie I’ve seen in 2011 so far!)

Special thanks to everyone who’s continuted to follow us during this rough end of 2010/start of 2011! Look for more great stuff to come as we get back into the swing of things!

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