WCW: The Video Game – Part One

No, you aren’t actually getting a video game based on the former Turner owned wrestling promotion but we ARE giving you an idea of what WWE could do with the property if they ever decided to do so. Since WWE owns all the rights to the WCW name, logo, video library and has so many former WCW superstars under Legends contracts that allow them to use their likenesses for video games, action figures, etc., we’ll take a look at what a WCW Video Game might actually look like if it were made today. This will be a multi-part post over the next few weeks with each weeks post containing 5 Wrestlers, after that each post will either have a match type, alternate attires, game modes or a specific piece of “business, if you will” that would be featured in the game. So let’s jump right into it with our first five wrestlers that would be featured in WCW: The Video Game!




Without a doubt the first person on our list for the WCW: Video Game roster would have to be the man who never left the company for WWE, was always a main eventer since the late 80’s and still found ways to reinvent himself and stay relevant even until today. Sting recently signed a WWE deal allowing him to be in this years WWE 2K15 video game, so it would be extremely easy to get the Stinger into a WCW video game.

ALTERNATE ATTIRES: 80’s “Surfer” Sting, Brown Hair mid-90’s Sting, “The Crow” Sting, nWo Wolfpack Sting.



One of the biggest monsters in professional wrestling, Vader was a forced to be reckoned with in WCW from 1990 – 1995. Having memorable runs with Sting, Ric Flair, and of course, Cactus Jack. The Mastodon from the Colorado Rockies would be one of the heavy hitters in the video game like The Undertaker, Big Show and Kane in more modern games. His entrance would, of course, include the smoke spewing Mastodon helmet and Vader yelling a lot of “Who’s the man?!” while barking at nonresponsive NPC fans.




One of the pioneers of WCW’s cruiserweight division and a legend from around the world, Eddie Guerrero was a WCW mainstay from 1995 until 1999. Wrestling classic matches with Rey Mysterio, Psychosis, Dean Malenko, Ric Flair and of course his nephew Chavo Jr.


ALTERNATE ATTIRES: Los Gringos Locos (White and Red tights with the big jacket with the fringe all over it), “Eddy Guerrero is my Favorite Wrestler” T-Shirt, Modern “Non-Mullet’ Eddie.




“Listen up, Slap Nuts!” Whether you loved or hated him, Jeff Jarrett played a major role in WCW  from 96-97 and again from 1999 until WCW was bought out by WWE in 2001. Ignoring TNA, Jeff may have had his most successful run in WCW as he garnered multiple United States Championships and World Heavyweight Title wins. He even famously laid down for Hulk Hogan only for Hogan to later blast Vince Russo on live tv! Incase, you forgot his name is spelled J-E-DOUBLE F    J-A-DOUBLE R-E-DOUBLE T!


ALTERNATE ATTIRES: “Slap Nuts” T-Shirt, nWo Silver t-shirt.






A pioneer in the high flying style, Flyin Brian Pillman was THE man in WCW’s light heavyweight division in the early 90’s and his matches Feuds with Ricky Steamboat, Jushin Thunder Liger and others are well remembered from the early days of WCW Saturday Night. Pillman would later form a memorable team with a future Stone Cold Steve Austin, then known as Stunning Steve, as the Hollywood Blondes.

ALTERNATE ATTIRES: Bengals Tights, “Hollywood Blondes” attire, Loose Cannon.




Today many fans associate most modern wrestling stipulations as being originated in the WWE. But one that will always be associated with the NWA and WCW was the War Games. Created by Dusty Rhodes, the War Games match featured TWO rings inside a steel cage where two teams of usually 4-5 men where one man from each team starts off and after two minutes a member from one team would enter, leaving a 2 minute handicap for one team. Once both teams were inside the cage, both teams would brawl until someone submitted or was knocked out, there were NO PINS in a War Games match.



All modern wrestling games feature a commentary team calling the action, whether it be JR and King, Michael Cole, JBL and King, or Mike Tenay and Don West (shudder). So who would call the action for WCW: The Video Game? Tony Schiavone is a given, the man was the voice of WCW for years, but who to go with him? Mike Tenay works for TNA so that’s out of the question. Bobby Heenan’s voice has been ravaged. Would you want to hear him in the game? Other names that could be possibilities include Dusty Rhodes, Eric Bischoff, Steve “Mongo” McMichael, Larry Zbysko, Scott Hudson and (shudder) Mark Madden. Even good ol’ JR was a voice of WCW for awhile. Personally, I’d love to hear Tony call the action with Zbysko and Scott Hudson. The three man team was something different about WCW and I think these three would do well calling a video game. Of course though, I’d love to hear Dusty too just for a “HE GOT A BICYCLE!” scream.


That’s it for this week’s fantasy booking Part One of WCW: The Video Game! Next week, we’ll be back with another 5 superstars, another match, and some more business, if you will. Also, next week we will start our “DLC of the week” where we pick a wrestler who would be downloadable content for WCW: The Video Game, so stay tuned!!

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